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I wish you were here

Then things would be more magical

4/7/05 03:28 pm

new lj

new lj

new lj

new lj


ohxrobot ohxrobot ohxrobot ohxrobot ohxrobot

add me now,yeah?

4/4/05 12:52 pm - it's a long picture post


Press hard against these rugged jeans Collapse )

4/1/05 08:38 pm

tell me im pretty.
press against my lips

4/1/05 08:37 pm


3/24/05 04:53 pm

i'm scared.

and i need someone to talk to badly.

do i feel horrible right now.

3/14/05 08:13 pm

aww high five for conor oberst<3

i bought 2 bright eyes lp and im happy.

new pants,and my tank top i jacked has disapeared like a niggie at a crime scene.

but yeah.

im gunna take yrs rosalyn.

everytime i think i found someone that i could like,

i'ts not possible at all.

man,i really suck at finding someone special<3

if i goto boarding school,heck i might turn out to be the femail version of conor.

day-umn i want marry that niggah.

3/13/05 04:24 pm

i think i did something wrong.

3/12/05 11:56 am

all i can say is ugh.

i think boarding school will be fun.
i hope the girl i room with becomes my other half and my lili cuppycake.
my feet hurt and i am in pain.

day-yumn.i just wanna fuck someone up right now.

i need complete confidentiality in someone.

a person who wont get disgusting or freaked about what i do or say.



applease you?Collapse )

3/10/05 08:58 pm - days like these

i loe finding prizes in my snacks

look what i can do with alphabet cookies while listening to the blood brothers and watching t.v.


vanessa's pretty damn awesome

and jennys gunna pierce my lip.aww yehh.

pee ess danielle is funny.

I LOVE thursdays

3/7/05 08:40 pm - pictures on my wall.

in my stepdads office bathrrom



click clack clickiiety clackCollapse )

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